Which size is best?

There are generally three different sizes when it comes to video. Widescreen, square and rectangle. Luckily, we produce all three! When choosing what size video that you would like you need to consider where it is going to appear.

Social Media video

If you want video for social media use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds then we would advise square video. This is a video size that is as wide as it is high and fits neatly into the social media feeds of your followers. It occupies more space on the screen than a widescreen video and the research says that it engages with people in a better way that catches their eye and keeps them watching for longer.

Example of square video on an iphone social media feed
Square for social

Rectangular video or portrait video is best for Facebook or Instagram stories. BBC News use this format for many of their social posts as this fills almost the entire screen of most mobile devices. Seth Conway Media produces rectangular video with the original footage filmed in UHD so when you crop the video for this format you keep the original quality.


Widescreen or 16:9 aspect ratio video is still the best format for your own website or for YouTube or other video sharing sites. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have Square or Rectangular video on your website but widescreen gives you options for things like a banner video for the home page or other pages within your site. It also means that you can have a video on your business YouTube channel and embed the link in to the website, like this!