Testimonial videos

We are specialists in producing testimonial video for businesses and organisations because of our background in journalism. Your satisfied customers are your best sales agents and as journalists we’re able to get the best soundbites from your customers to create a great impression of your work. The video above is for the Taw Wharf housing development in North Devon and combines interviews with people who had bought Pearce Homes in the past with high quality glossy style video of the properties for sale.

The Taw Wharf housing development filmed from across the River Taw at high tide

The rise of online reviews

Good online reviews are now so important for all businesses and many firms are choosing to put widgets for websites such as Trustpilot within their own websites so potential customers can read reviews about the firm. But where testimonial video has an advantage over online reviews is that the people reviewing the business can be seen, it’s clear that they are real people putting their name and their face to the endorsement. The video below for Stannp Direct Mail from the firm Letterfest shows how a video review is a great selling point and can be used on your own website or on social media.

Please speak to us about how testimonial video is a cost effective and excellent solution for your business.

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