Livestream with Seth Conway Media

Livestreaming your event or announcement on social media or YouTube is a great way of reaching a lot of people in a quick period of time. The social networks say they show video posts to more of your friends and followers and live video to even more people. Seth Conway Media provides Livestream capability to all businesses and organisations no matter the size.

Livestream from Flybe staff conference
Staff at airline Flybe hearing an announcement that was also Livestreamed on to YouTube

When international airline Flybe needed to Livestream a staff announcement on to YouTube they came to Seth Conway Media for the solution. We were able to test in advance from the location that it would be possible and then on the day Livestream video from our broadcast standard camera with a wireless audio feed direct from the sound desk of the stage event company. This meant that the hundreds of viewers on the unlisted YouTube link were able to see and hear clearly what was happening despite being anywhere in the world.

Social media and YouTube have never made it easier to broadcast live from your phone, tablet or webcam. But it can appear amateur in appearance and the sound isn’t great. Choose a professional Livestream service from Seth Conway Media for your next

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