Seth Conway Media is a video production company with a difference. We are experts in PR and Communications who create great content and then help you to put your videos, photos, news and trade releases in the right places. Call us now on 07831 364917 or email

Media partners or Pay as you Go

We work in two ways. Either sign up to have Seth Conway Media producing regular video content, social media management, press releases and much more. Or speak to us about projects on a pay as you go arrangement.

Seth Conway Media is based in Devon but we work with businesses of all sizes across the UK. Here are some of the companies and organisations that we have worked with recently.

“Hi, I’m Seth Conway and thanks for checking out my business. Our teams can help you with your media and marketing needs to let you focus your time on building your own business.”

  • Video for your websites and social media
  • Television adverts
  • Let us run your social media accounts
  • Take advantage of news media for publicity

This is the latest television advert we produced for North Devon Council. It’s airing on Sky Channels for households in North Devon in Spring/Summer 2021.