Why customer reviews matter

Performance Fod event at Taw Ford in Barnstaple

As humans most of us care about what other people think about us and the choices that we make. It’s how we’ve learnt as we’ve evolved. But now the power of endorsement isn’t only for so called social media influencers. Instagram is more likely to show your post endorsing something to your friends rather than adding the # of a professional influencer in to your timeline.

A lady taking a photo inside a car showroom
Social media channels now value individual endorsements and aren’t so keen on so called professional influencers

So what does this mean for how you get endorsements? It places greater value in reviews and the rise in popularity of online website review firms like Trustpilot shows how important they’ve become. Google reviews are also extremely important as when your firm is Googled your rating is clear. But all these reviews can be anonymous and could possibly be fake and as consumers get more used to these services the more they will become sceptical.

Our cameras filming the Taw Wharf development in Barnstaple
Reviews on camera are a much more accurate way of getting a true review for your business

Video reviews or testimonials are an increasingly popular way of promoting your business on social media and on your own website. The advantage of video reviews is that potential customers can see the person giving the review and hearing what they purchased and when and what they think. Please speak to us about how testimonial video could benefit your business


Devon & Cornwall are two of the most beautiful counties in the UK. We love filming sunsets in our stunning part of the world that helps to create an atmosphere in our videos especially in our hospitality and house building sectors. It’s these types of images that inspire people to come and holiday or choose to live in the region.



We live and work in the far south west of England and nothing helps to celebrate this stunning location better than the feel good factor that a sunset can bring. It generates that feeling of warmth and of a connection to nature that can be longed for by people who don’t have daily access to these types of locations.


When we’re shooting scenes like the one above we always have to remind ourselves to step back from the camera and just watch with our own eyes! Yes, we’re capturing the moment for someone’s campaign but that doesn’t mean that we can’t live the feeling at that moment that we’re trying to generate through video. That’s a great tip to all film makers or photographers be they professional or amateur.

‘Could video help my business?’

You’ve probably heard a lot about video this year and may well be asking yourself ‘Do I need video’? No matter the size of your business or organisation Seth Conway Media has the perfect type of video production for you. Let me give you an example. The video I’m talking about was for the excellent Beachside Grill restaurant at Saunton Sands beach in North Devon. Restaurant manager James wanted to capture the interest of his social media followers to tell them the opening hours over the Easter holidays in 2018.

So we came up with the idea of a short professional video that was all about lifestyle. There’s a view of Saunton Sands in the sunshine, a shot of a child running up the sand dunes to promote healthy outdoor activities that can be enjoyed at their location. We step it up with a couple of surfing shots from an organised group to illustrate that you can learn to surf at Saunton Sands. Beachside Grill is also keen to tell its customers that it accepts dogs on its terrace which is a real selling point as not many restaurants will allow dogs on site. Then we’re into the food and what better than a beer and a burger, an open steak sandwich and a glorious shot of the restaurant to catch the eye!

But crucially what brings it all together is the text. Animating text helps to draw the viewer into the video and the research says that text keeps people viewing for longer and the longer you can keep them the more likely that they’ll remember you. These days most people tend to view social media videos with no sound so the text explains all they need to know. This is digital content at its best. Clear, informative, entertaining and short in duration. It packs a punch and your business gets the benefit as well as your customers who want what you have to offer. 

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