Filming in the new lock down

We’re delighted to be back filming after voluntarily delaying all our filming work during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. It simply didn’t feel right to us to be out there filming while so many people were trying to save lives and prevent the virus from spreading. We know that not all video production companies did stop filming and that’s a matter for them but we know we didn’t put anyone at risk by staying at home.

The footage above from Woolacombe was filmed in 4K using an SLog picture profile with a LUT applied as part of the editing process. This allows colours to be enhanced or de-saturated depending on the creative appearance that you’re after. The video from Woolacombe has a filmic look as a result of the LUT that we applied to it.

The view from Appledore in North Devon looking across the Taw Torridge Estuary to Instow.

We record on to Ninja Flame external monitors with solid state drive recording which ensures high quality 4K footage from the very beginning of the process. Speak to us about how we can produce the highest quality corporate and social videos or television adverts for your business.

Why pay for a whole day if it doesn’t take a whole day…

Here at Seth Conway Media we’re all about fairness. If you hire us for your video or photography work then you’ll find that our costs are fair, transparent and we won’t charge you for a whole day if our work doesn’t take a whole day.

Water training taking place with recruits pulling a person to safety
Trainees on a river rescue course pull a ‘victim’ to safety (Seth Conway Media)

We’re currently creating content for our client Red One who provide fire and rescue training. The work involves dipping in and out of their various training programmes such as the water rescue course we pictured here. So if we’re there for a few hours each time then we only charge for that time.

Teamwork is the way to success for the training company and for Seth Conway Media (Seth Conway Media)

From the moment we begin discussions with a new client we’re all about collaboration. We want our work together to be teamwork and when you’re part of a team then that relationship has to be open, honest and respectful. And for us that means charging per hour on an agreed schedule of creating the content and editing. No surprises for you and no feeling that you’ve paid too much either.

Multi-purpose video

You’ve probably been told a hundred times or more that video should be part of your marketing strategy in 2020. Indeed that’s true but the question worth asking is what more can I get from paying someone to make some video for me?

Filming the logo printing at MJM Sports
Filming machinery at work at MJM Sports in Bideford, Devon

Here at Seth Conway Media we believe that video should play many roles in your marketing mix. This week we filmed at MJM Sports in Bideford who supply embroidered and printed sports kits nationwide. The filming was to capture an historic moment for the firm as they made a kit for a special football match taking place next weekend. So the video will be sent to local media as part of a press package that includes photos that we also took at the same time and a written press release and calls to press contacts.

Close up on a badge being embroidered
The club badge being embroidered at 700 stitches a minute!

So from a couple of hours of our time at their HQ, MJM Sports will receive:

  • VNR (video news release) to be sent to local media
  • Short video clips of their production process for social media
  • Establishing a video library for future video editing
  • High res and Lo res photos for web, press and social media use
  • Well written press release sent to local media and trade press
  • Care and attention from a media company who want the best for their clients

That question again. What more should I be asking from my video company when they come to film? The answer should be more than just one video…


When you’ve made the decision to have a video it’s always worth considering if you also need some photos taken at the same time. Depending on what is being filmed you may have had to arrange products or people or allocated time that you don’t want to have to do twice for video and stills.

Filming in properties at Pearce Homes in Barnstaple

If the budget for the project allows a photographer as well as a videographer then it can be worth the investment. But here at Seth Conway Media we will also take photos if asked during our time filming with you.

Wine with a view at Saunton Sands Hotel

Livestream video – New for 2019

Seth Conway Media are very excited to announce that we’re now offering Livestream video for YouTube and Social Media to businesses and organisations. If you want to Livestream an event, product launch or staff conference then we have the skills and technology to deliver your Facebook Live or YouTube stream.

Livestream from Flybe staff conference
Livestream at Flybe in Exeter

So how does it work? Well, we link our camera with professional sound and HD video in to your Facebook or YouTube account or even direct in to your website if your server allows this. Seth Conway Media has invested in the technology to help you go live in a much better way than the office junior holding up an iPad with the camera reversing the image and the sound being extremely poor!

Livestream is particularly great for staff events where you can’t get the whole team together but any staff member anywhere in the world where they can access YouTube can watch the announcement as it happens.

Speak to Seth Conway Media for this new addition to the team for 2019!