Is your business or organisation accessible and inclusive to all? Video is a popular way that many of us are able to access and process information. Have you ever considered using video to offer a walk through of your premises, to highlight your business, corporate plan, its core values, to offer step by step instructions or to aid engagement on your social media?

We have first-hand experience of how small changes can make a big difference to the life of a neurodiverse person and would encourage other businesses to see what they can do. We have found that simple changes such as offering visual information alongside written information or offering a visual tour or photos on the website, to turning down the music in a restaurant or just being patient, non-judgemental and understanding, can make all the difference.

Therefore, it has always been our aim to make sure Seth Conway Media offers inclusivity and accessibility to our customers, clients and their customers.

In doing that we ensure:

  • All our videos are either embedded with subtitles or have a CC logo to show subtitles are available if selected.
  • Our website includes video and photos alongside written information
  • Our website has ‘about us’ on the main menu where you can find out information on us, including photos
  • Our ‘Let’s talk’ button is prominent and gives you three different ways to get in touch with us
  • We offer help and advice to our clients on how video content can help them to be more accessible and inclusive to their customers and stakeholders.
Our website has a banner video showing some examples of our work and what we do.
Our ‘Let’s talk’ button is prominent.
There are three ways you can get in directly in contact with us.

We are always looking for ways to improve our inclusivity, accessibility and knowledge and recently became aware of WayMakers, a local Community Interest Company, who specialise in improving opportunities and outcomes for autistic people, their employers and health and care providers.

We attended their workshop on ‘Reaching out and welcoming your neurodiverse customers’ where Alex Kelly, founder of WayMakers, shared some of her extensive knowledge on the many strengths and thinking styles that neurodiverse people bring to society and the workplace. Through this knowledge and experience she offered advice on how to bring down the barriers that neurodiverse people face.

Alex told us, “Businesses and organisations are often pleasantly surprised by the adjustments that are often recommended or requested, for two reasons: one, because they are so much easier and cheaper (or free!) to implement, and two because they quickly discover that by making things more accessible for neurodivergent staff or customers, they’re more accessible for everyone. We’re talking little changes that can be a complete game-changer – what’s not to like?”

We took a lot away from our workshop with Alex. At one point she played an audio clip from one of her clients and handed us each a print out of what the person on the audio clip was saying so that we could follow along if we wanted or needed to.

She recognises that everyone (neurodiverse and neurotypical) learns and processes in a different way and this was just a small way of demonstrating that. Inspired by Alex, we are now more mindful of this and a small change we made is that when we have a telephone conversation, that requires a follow up or an action, we email the person afterwards to summarise what we talked about so they also have it in written form.

We will constantly review what further small changes we can make to ensure what we do is neuro-inclusive and how we can pass this on to the clients we work with in our video and PR services.

If you would like to speak to us about how we can help you use video to help your business be more inclusive, please get in contact with us. Find out more about WayMakers through their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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  1. Sandra

    It might help if you explained what “neurodiversity” means. If you mean autism, why not say so?

    1. sethconway

      Hi Sandra, thanks for your comment. Neurodiversity is an umbrella term for the natural diversity of human brains. This includes autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and developmental language delay, to name a few.

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