From a student sports reporter to founder of a PR and video production company, Seth has spent his career in the media. As National Career’s Week (7-12 March) draws to a close, Seth has been reflecting on his how he has grown his career from those early days at BBC Somerset through to a correspondent at ITV News to now being our Creative Director here at Seth Conway Media.

“I always knew I wanted to work in the media and was lucky enough to get a job as a football commentator when I was studying Politics at Plymouth University. Then a role came up as Barnstaple Reporter for ITV and I moved from my home town of Taunton to North Devon. I travelled all around North Devon, meeting great people and creating news reports, helping to tell the stories of people, businesses and charities across the area. This was back in the times when North Devon had it’s own news and along with cameramen Gareth Thomas and Chris Harris, we used to go live every weeknight from Barnstaple at around 6.12pm where I presented the local news; those were some great times!

“When the Barnstaple studio closed I became the Exeter and Business Correspondent for the West Country and this led me to filming more of the camera work as the role became more of a Video Journalist. It was there I developed a real connection behind the camera as well as being in front of it. As a naturally creative person, who had dabbled in some minor film making, I really enjoyed the artistry and inventiveness that I could create behind the camera. Therefore, when an opportunity arose in 2017 to move to a career in videography, I pursued this and Seth Conway Media was born. “

Seth presenting on ITV Westcountry and as ITV Correspondent for North Devon and Exeter.

His work at ITV led him to meet global musicians including Jack Johnson, Joss Stone and The Saturdays.

“Seth Conway Media has grown from a Video Production business to an all encompassing media agency including PR, media training and social media management,’ Seth continues. “Although I spend more time behind the camera now, my many years of presenting mean I can help to coach (and often calm) the person who is being filmed. Knowing what it is like to have a camera in your face helps the client to relax and also means I know how to get the best shots without having to get the client to do lots of retakes. This also means we can offer media and presenter training to businesses. Who better to train people how to speak to the media than a trained journalist?”

“The business has continued to develop to accommodate the growing needs of our clients,’ continues Seth. “As well as creating excellent video content, I found businesses also wanted help in telling their stories and sharing their news and that’s when Laura joined the business. Having previously worked in PR and with a degree in Business, she has not only taken on PR and social media management for our clients but has also taken over the day to day running of the business which means I can focus more on the video production side of things. We also introduced Owen and Erin to the business as Freelancers to support me with filming which means when the client needs more cameras such as for a TV advert, live stream or a mutli-angle video, we can call on their expertise too.”

Seth’s career started in football and although he once had dreams of commentating across the world, he can often be found at St. James’ Park in Exeter in a dream role of commentating on or live streaming a game for his beloved Exeter City Football Club.

So, is this the career that Seth dreamed of? “I had dreams when I was younger to either being a football commentator or a film director,’ concludes Seth. “I regularly get to commentate for Exeter City and my job gets me creating videos and TV adverts for many different clients in different industries, so I guess I am living the dream!”

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