With COVID-19 restrictions easing in the UK, many businesses will be welcoming more employees back to the workplace with businesses adopting a flexible, hybrid approach enabling their workers to split their time between working from home and some time back in the workplace.

During the first lockdown when many businesses had to close their doors and employees were told they would need to work from home, there was a huge uncertainty to when they would all be back together again. This began the working from home movement and employees responded to this the same way the nation pulled together at the time; with positivity and hope. It was this united response that kept the workforce connected and the birth of the ‘zoom’ meeting and social ‘quiz night’ became the new novelty.

Yet, when doors closed in March 2020, who would have predicted that in July 2021, numerous employees would still not be back in the workplace? Did businesses update their Internal Communications Plan to reflect this huge change in the way most businesses in the UK are now working?

Sixteen months on from employees leaving their workplaces and with numerous employees still not back in the workplace, positivity and morale are waning. More and more workplaces are noticing disengagement and disconnection amongst its staff.

On our travels around Devon, Seth Conway Media has met with many people who have been required to work from home throughout the pandemic and others who have already began the new hybrid approach between work and home. Whilst some have embraced the flexibility, others have found balancing a home office and home life tricky. However, what has been clear in our conversations is that many employees feel a sense of disengagement from their business leading to feelings of resentment and unfairness between colleagues in this new way of working.

As the world begins to reconnect and restrictions ease, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to review their Internal Communications strategies to support this new way of working. With employees moving between the workplace and homes it is of paramount importance that businesses find ways to keep their workforce connected, motivated and have a sense of belonging.

Disengaged employees are thought to cost the UK economy between £52-£70 billion per year in lost productivity. At Seth Conway Media we are working with businesses to support not only external communications and PR but also on Internal Communication’s strategies and employee engagement plans.

We recognise that a businesses biggest asset is their workforce and investments in Internal Communications is an investment in the future of the business.

Speak to us about we can help with your Internal Communications.

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