Here at Seth Conway Media we’re all about fairness. If you hire us for your video or photography work then you’ll find that our costs are fair, transparent and we won’t charge you for a whole day if our work doesn’t take a whole day.

Water training taking place with recruits pulling a person to safety
Trainees on a river rescue course pull a ‘victim’ to safety (Seth Conway Media)

We’re currently creating content for our client Red One who provide fire and rescue training. The work involves dipping in and out of their various training programmes such as the water rescue course we pictured here. So if we’re there for a few hours each time then we only charge for that time.

Teamwork is the way to success for the training company and for Seth Conway Media (Seth Conway Media)

From the moment we begin discussions with a new client we’re all about collaboration. We want our work together to be teamwork and when you’re part of a team then that relationship has to be open, honest and respectful. And for us that means charging per hour on an agreed schedule of creating the content and editing. No surprises for you and no feeling that you’ve paid too much either.

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