You’ve probably been told a hundred times or more that video should be part of your marketing strategy in 2020. Indeed that’s true but the question worth asking is what more can I get from paying someone to make some video for me?

Filming the logo printing at MJM Sports
Filming machinery at work at MJM Sports in Bideford, Devon

Here at Seth Conway Media we believe that video should play many roles in your marketing mix. This week we filmed at MJM Sports in Bideford who supply embroidered and printed sports kits nationwide. The filming was to capture an historic moment for the firm as they made a kit for a special football match taking place next weekend. So the video will be sent to local media as part of a press package that includes photos that we also took at the same time and a written press release and calls to press contacts.

Close up on a badge being embroidered
The club badge being embroidered at 700 stitches a minute!

So from a couple of hours of our time at their HQ, MJM Sports will receive:

  • VNR (video news release) to be sent to local media
  • Short video clips of their production process for social media
  • Establishing a video library for future video editing
  • High res and Lo res photos for web, press and social media use
  • Well written press release sent to local media and trade press
  • Care and attention from a media company who want the best for their clients

That question again. What more should I be asking from my video company when they come to film? The answer should be more than just one video…

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