As humans most of us care about what other people think about us and the choices that we make. It’s how we’ve learnt as we’ve evolved. But now the power of endorsement isn’t only for so called social media influencers. Instagram is more likely to show your post endorsing something to your friends rather than adding the # of a professional influencer in to your timeline.

A lady taking a photo inside a car showroom
Social media channels now value individual endorsements and aren’t so keen on so called professional influencers

So what does this mean for how you get endorsements? It places greater value in reviews and the rise in popularity of online website review firms like Trustpilot shows how important they’ve become. Google reviews are also extremely important as when your firm is Googled your rating is clear. But all these reviews can be anonymous and could possibly be fake and as consumers get more used to these services the more they will become sceptical.

Our cameras filming the Taw Wharf development in Barnstaple
Reviews on camera are a much more accurate way of getting a true review for your business

Video reviews or testimonials are an increasingly popular way of promoting your business on social media and on your own website. The advantage of video reviews is that potential customers can see the person giving the review and hearing what they purchased and when and what they think. Please speak to us about how testimonial video could benefit your business

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