Seth Conway Media are very excited to announce that we’re now offering Livestream video for YouTube and Social Media to businesses and organisations. If you want to Livestream an event, product launch or staff conference then we have the skills and technology to deliver your Facebook Live or YouTube stream.

Livestream from Flybe staff conference
Livestream at Flybe in Exeter

So how does it work? Well, we link our camera with professional sound and HD video in to your Facebook or YouTube account or even direct in to your website if your server allows this. Seth Conway Media has invested in the technology to help you go live in a much better way than the office junior holding up an iPad with the camera reversing the image and the sound being extremely poor!

Livestream is particularly great for staff events where you can’t get the whole team together but any staff member anywhere in the world where they can access YouTube can watch the announcement as it happens.

Speak to Seth Conway Media for this new addition to the team for 2019!

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