What better than a little bit of fun at Christmas. For around twenty years I was a news correspondent for ITV News (yes I started young!) and so when a Barnstaple based trampoline park approached me for a ‘news style’ report I jumped at the idea. 


Seth looking quite excited at the prospect of Father Christmas in Barnstaple!

The creatively minded team at Air Extreme had the idea of promoting their Grotto with a short piece of video that mimics a TV news report. The staff at Air Extreme were equally happy to play the parts of Elves and cameraman and the shoot took just a couple of hours to complete. I edited the report and Air Extreme added in the ‘ticker’ and the green screen mobile phone footage. 

The video has had around five thousand views in less than a week as lots of people have shared it to join in the fun. A novel way of promoting the Santa grotto as we all got into the festive spirit. 

Happy Christmas – Seth

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