It’s October 1st and Christmas Day is still 85 or so days away but no doubt it’ll soon be time to put up the tree and get the decorations out of the attic. But for those people planning Christmas events then the time to act is getting shorter by the day. The organisers of Padstow Christmas Festival are already prepared and we have recently edited three videos from footage that we gathered at last year’s event.

The video with Rick Stein is a great way of creating interest in the event. He’s a well known face which helps but Rick appears early in the video which encourages the viewer to keep watching for longer, it’s something about seeing a face, it’s that human connection. We also made a similar interview based video with Michelin star chef Paul Ainsworth and Olly Smith from BBC’s Saturday Kitchen. The third video is a quick reprise of last year’s event.

All three videos have been or will be used on social channels in a square shape format and we provided the videos in widescreen for website use through Vimeo and also for YouTube.

Christmas like many events is all in the planning so why not think about video for your event. The footage filmed can be used in part for social at the time and then re-purposed to promote your event for the next time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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