Devon & Cornwall are two of the most beautiful counties in the UK. We love filming sunsets in our stunning part of the world that helps to create an atmosphere in our videos especially in our hospitality and house building sectors. It’s these types of images that inspire people to come and holiday or choose to live in the region.



We live and work in the far south west of England and nothing helps to celebrate this stunning location better than the feel good factor that a sunset can bring. It generates that feeling of warmth and of a connection to nature that can be longed for by people who don’t have daily access to these types of locations.


When we’re shooting scenes like the one above we always have to remind ourselves to step back from the camera and just watch with our own eyes! Yes, we’re capturing the moment for someone’s campaign but that doesn’t mean that we can’t live the feeling at that moment that we’re trying to generate through video. That’s a great tip to all film makers or photographers be they professional or amateur.

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