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Seth Conway Media provides sustainable videography and public relations services, as we’re striving to make all our work carbon zero. 


We're striving to make all of our work carbon zero. Our office runs on green electricity from renewable sources and we carry out a carbon assessment for every job.

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Video is a great way of connecting with your customers. As well as filming and editing a brand video, that footage can also be repurposed in many different ways and into many different videos.


It makes a great deal of sense to include photography at the same time as filming. We can either work with your regular photographer or can supply images for you.

Public relations

We create PR strategies that deliver and write press releases that are often published word for word. Traditional media companies have a huge online presence and we'll help you get free coverage.

Social Media

We run social media accounts for businesses and organisations. We create content for your posts and can organise paid campaigns too.


Our livestreaming team provides single camera or multi-camera broadcasts from your event, conference or staff briefing - live on to YouTube or social media channels.


We create clean and simple websites that are combined with our content creation business to provide a one stop shop for your new website.

Carbon calculator

When you ask us to create content, whether that’s video or photos or livestreaming, we will carry out a carbon calculation to let you know what the C02 output has been of your shoot. We have completed our ADGreen training to make sure we’re always thinking about how to make our productions even more environmentally friendly. 

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Seth Conway Media is a Video and Public Relations Agency based in Devon. The business is run by Laura Conway alongside her husband Seth who is the Founder and Creative Director. Laura handles our PR while Seth works with Owen Kewley to deliver outstanding content.

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